17. Which type of mask should I choose?

  • Airway Health Inc
  • June 21, 2018
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This is a tough question, because it truly varies on an individual basis. There are traditional nasal masks (by far, the most popular with CPAP users), alternative nasal masksfull face masks (for those patients who have problems with mouth breathing or leaking from the mouth), nasal interface systems (such as nasal pillows systems), and oral masks (such as the Fisher & Paykel Oracle Oral). Each of these masks has benefits and drawbacks, and may work for some and not for others. For the best possible choice, stick with what has worked in the past. If you do well with nasal CPAP masks, stick with them. If this is your first mask purchase or you are unhappy with your current mask type, please make an appointment for a mask fitting and we will be happy to assist you based on your individual therapy needs.